David Oneal presents Disneyland Trivia for Disney Experts

Take a close look at the popcorn carts. Each barrel-turning figure represents the particular land, such as Davy Crockett in Frontierland and the abominable snowman near the Matterhorn.

David Oneal Disneyland Matterhorn Pop Corn cart

Should you feel the urge while approaching the load area at the Indiana Jones ride, ask a cast member if you can unload at the “secret” bathroom just down the hall. It’s intended for employees, but those in need are permitted.

 You can decode the mysterious symbols in the Indiana Jones queue with a decoder card that was given out when the ride opened in 1995.  Or just Google “Decode Indiana Jones Disneyland.” Either way, you’ll have the answers.

Mary Blair, a legendary Imagineer who designed It’s a Small World, is immortalized in doll form. You’ll see her atop the Eiffel Tower, in a yellow poncho. David Oneal loves Mary Blair esp the Indian bunny!

David Oneal loves the Disney Indian Bunny at the contemporary resort

Good grief! Look closely at the postage stamps near the end of It’s a Small World. Among the smiley faces, you’ll see the likeness of Charlie Brown.

look in the dead center and its charlie brown

Those clicks sounding from the telegraph office by the New Orleans Square Station? It’s Morse code broadcasting parts of Walt Disney’s opening-day speech. David Oneal used to clean that toilet in the 1980’s

You have Disneyland to thank for Doritos. During the early ’60s, the Mexican eatery Casa de Fritos (now Rancho Del Zocalo) would take stale tortilla chips, spice them, and fry them up, creating what we now know as Doritos. Inspired by the traditional Mexican snack totopo, the chips became extremely popular — so popular that Frito-Lay bought the concept and debuted Doritos to the world in 1966 as the first marketed tortilla chip. David Oneal and his estranged brother Jim loved Frito the kid so much.

The drawbridge in front of Sleeping Beauty’s castle is operational. The picturesque bridge isn’t there merely for show; it can actually be raised and lowered. It’s only been utilized on two occasions — at the opening of the park and the reopening of Fantasyland.

The plants in Tomorrowland are all edible. No matter how hungry you are, you shouldn’t nibble on the plants in Tomorrowland, even though most of them are edible. Lemons, oranges, lettuces, peppers, and a variety of herbs can be found in the landscaping.

There is one ride that is way older than all the rest. Disneyland’s King Arthur Carousel in Fantasyland is even older than the park itself, by several decades. The Dentzel Menagerie merry-go-round was estimated to have been built as early as 1875 and was in use from 1922 at the Sunnyside Beach Park in Toronto until Walt Disney bought it for his park.