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David Oneal presents Disneyland Trivia for Disney Experts

Take a close look at the popcorn carts. Each barrel-turning figure represents the particular land, such as Davy Crockett in Frontierland and the abominable snowman near the Matterhorn. Should you feel the urge while approaching the load area at the Indiana Jones ride, ask a cast member if you can unload at the “secret” bathroom just down the hall. It’s intended for employees, but those in need are permitted.  You can decode the mysterious symbols in the Indiana Jones queue… Read More »David Oneal presents Disneyland Trivia for Disney Experts

Disneyland Peoplemover discussion

Home Videos and Podcasts Anaheim Book Gallery Square FaceBook Reviews Gliding high above the streets of Tomorrowland was the incomparable PeopleMover. Supported by elegant white trunks growing up from the ground, the white tracks of the PeopleMover were a veritable icon of the land, visible from most anywhere as they wove into and out of each of the land’s interconnected buildings. To board the attraction, guests would stand on a moving speed ramp that carried… Read More »Disneyland Peoplemover discussion

Extinct Attractions is back

Ten years ago we stopped Extinct Attractions and ten years later we are back and ready to share the best extinct attractions from Disney parks around the world! Plus we have a name change – Theme Parks 360 and Extinct Attractions are now one so we bring you the latest theme park news, reviews and commentary and bring you our exciting back catalog of the original Disney imagineers that created the rides we love and… Read More »Extinct Attractions is back

Adventure Thru Inner Space

Audio ride through for Adventure thru Inner Space Theme Parks 360 showcases theme park news, extinct attractions documentaries by David Oneal and theme park ride throughs and live shows. Enjoy this audio from our favorite ride ever. The idea of the attraction goes as far back as 1957, when Walt Disney introduced a concept for an atomic-themed exhibit in Tomorrowland on the Disneyland television show episode, Our Friend The Atom. Plans for the attraction were… Read More »Adventure Thru Inner Space